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A soft-solder bonding mill for various materials

A soft-solder bonding mill for various materials

1400℃grade hot press and sintering instrument

1400℃grade hot press and sintering instrument

ThinTech Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Luke Branch

  • Area:30000 sq. meter
  • Location: Kaohsiung Science Park, Taiwan R.O.C
  • Built in: construction project started in 2000/3, completed in 2006/5
  • Safety/Quality Approval(s): ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, QC 080000
  • Equipment:
    • Smelting/ Casting/ Thermal -mechanical forming:
      1.Vacuum induction melting furnace (VIM)
      2.Electric heating furnace
      3.High frequency induction melting furnace
      4.High capacity forging machine
      5.Hot rolling mill

    • Powder metallurgy:
      1.Vacuum inert gas atomization(VIGA)
      2.Hot pressing sintering furnace
      3.Powder mixer
      4.Ball mill
      5.Powder forming machine
      6.Vacuum dryer
      7.Grinding machine

    • Processing machine:
      1.60” CNC Lathe/ Miller
      2.High performance 160”machining Center
      3.118”Machining center
      4.Electric Wiring cutting machine
      5.Grinding machine
      6.Boring machin
      7.Sand Blasting machine
      8.Automation cleaning machine

    • Bonding process:
      1.Homogeneous temperature controlled heating plate
      2.Wrap flatten machine
      3.Ultrasonic inspection equipment

    • Refining process:
      1.Precious metal refining for gold, silver, platinum, palladium and indium by using chemical and electrolytic processes

Contact Detail
Address:No.1, Luke 8th Rd., Lujhu District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan R.O.C.

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