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About Us

ThinTech Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

To be the reliable corporation in optoelectronics and biomedical field with prospective innovation, pursuing growth, customer orientation and value added service.


Integrated CSC competence and resource to offer optoelectronics and biomedical industries. Meanwhile, TTMC dedicate energy saving and reduce carbon emission, material recycling.


Corporate Culture
Teamwork, Entrepreneurial approach, Pursuit of innovation, Down-to-earthiness, Integrity.


Core Technology

Under CSC’s supporting, TTMC established technologies of smelting, casting, forging, rolling, powder metallurgy, precision machining, target bonding, thin-film sputtering, Ag/ In refining, trace element analysis, optoelectronic and  biomaterials.  We contribute to cultivate Taiwan while to promote the international competitiveness.


TTMC Overview
ThinTech Materials Technology Co., LTD. (TTMC), founded in March 2000 and GAINS Investment Corporation (GIC) made investment in October 2000 and became s a subsidiary of China Steel Corporation Group.  TTMC focus on manufacturing of which including thin film sputtering targets for optoelectronics material. The applications are optical recording media, liquid crystal panel (LCD), touch panel, semiconductor packaging, decorative coating and thin film solar cell.

In recent years, TTMC place emphasis on biomaterials, alkali-resistance alloy and titanium for cooking/ tableware.

TTMC provide the overall material supplying service and has the capability for customized alloy development, sputtering target bonding and precious metal recycling.


Business Items
Adhere CSC group’s development vision of industrial material supplier, TTMC contribute to researching, producing speciality alloys of optoelectronics and biomedical industries. Based on customer orientation and quality first, we supply materials to meet customer’s expectation which including thin film sputtering tube/ plate target, metal powder for 3D printing, acid and alkali-resistance alloy and titanium for cooking/ tableware.


Mainland Reinvestment
In order to fulfill mainland market demand and company’s continued growth, TTMC established Taicang Thintech Materials Co. (TCMC) which located in Jiangsu, China in 2012. TCMC devote to sputtering target which apply to liquid crystal panel (LCD), quartz crystal oscillator, touch panel, low-E glass, decorative coating. Based on customer orientation and quality first, TCMC supply the sputtering total solution for our customers.




Established in:2000.03
Capital:Paid-up capital 730 millions
Business Type:Sputtering target, specialty alloy design and manufacturing.
Markets:Taiwan, Mainland, Japan , European and North American.
Main Products:Thin film sputtering tube/ plate target, metal powder for 3D printing, acid and alkali-resistance alloy and titanium for cooking/ tableware. Sputtering target bonding, precious metal recycling, Vacuum hot pressing sintering, forging and analysis
Contact Detail
Address:No.1, Luke 8th Rd., Lujhu District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan R.O.C.

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