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The advantages of TFT-LCD are less energy consumption, high brightness and low response time. TTMC provide high purity and quality of Al, Mo, Cu, Ti targets for TFT-LCD and AM-OLED industries. Meanwhile, we well manage the material resource and improve technology to ensure the product quality and meet customers’ requirement for large size TFT-LCD panel which lead TTMC to high market share of sputtering target industry.。



  • Drive Electrode: Al (5N), Al alloy, Cr, Ti, Mo, Cu.
  • Black Matrix: Cr
  • Transparent Electrode: ITO (In2O3-SnO2)(In2O3-SnO2)
  • Diffuser material: Mo, Cr
  • Dielectric material: Al2O3 , SiO2


Product Advantages 

  • Well management of high purity raw material resource and processing,fully in-house and quality control.
  • High market share and stable supply for generation 1 to 10.5 TFT-LCD panel
  • High strength special bonding metal.
  • Planar and rotary sputtering target synchronized supply.


Glass substrate size and sputtering target

Gen Glass substrate size (mm) Target size(mm)
G3.5 610x720; 620x750 890x980
G4 680x880 980x1150
G5 1100x1300 1431x1700
G5.5 1300x1500 1580x1950
G6 1500x1850


8 segments

G7.5 1950x2250


12 segments

G8.5 2200x2500


14 segments

G10 2880x3130


16 segments

G10.5 2940x3370


16 segments

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<![CDATA[Sputtering Targets Sputtering target for ODS (Optical Data Storage) ()(2019/Jul/25 09:50:49)]]> http://www.e-ttmc.com.tw/ODS_target.html?CID=1_1                      

Storage medias are ODS (Optical Data Storage) and MDS (Magnetic Data Storage). The ODS can be classified as CD, DVD and BD series and film characteristics, sputtering efficiency are requirements during manufacturing.

In order to supply high cost-effective products, TTMC focus on target cleanliness, microstructure, refining and develop integrating technology and service which lead us became the major supplier of ODS sputtering target internationally.


  • Reflective layer: Ag, Ag alloy, Cu alloy, Al alloy, Si.
  • Dielectric layer: ZnS, Ge.

Product Advantages

  • Ag target:
    • Import high purity silver for smelting to ensure sputtering efficiency and film quality.
    • Continuous production process to reduce lose and cost.
  • Ag alloy target:
    • Apply to reflection layer of high capacity ODS (e.g. DVD-9, DUAL, BD), the film layer has good uniformity and weather fastness.
  • Cu alloy target:
    • Imitation gold color for CD and DVD disk.
  • Al alloy target:
    • High purity, optimized mixture, homogeneous microstructure and refined grain.




Application Layer


Sputtering Equipment

Pre-Record Disk, Read Only



Al Alloy,

Cu Alloy

Singulus, Unaxis,

M2, Shibaura, ODME




Reflective/ Semi reflective

Al Alloy,

 Ag Alloy, Si



Ag Alloy

Recordable Disk





Ag, Ag Alloy


Ag Alloy

Re-Writable Disk




Ag, Ag Alloy,

Al Alloy











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<![CDATA[Sputtering Targets Thin Film Target for Solar Cell Application ()(2011/Jun/16 14:20:34)]]> http://www.e-ttmc.com.tw/Thinfilm_solar.html?CID=1_1 Thin Film Target for Solar Cell Application

Our Company mainly provides various sputtering targets for producing amorphous-Si and CIGS thin film solar cell. 

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<![CDATA[Sputtering Targets Decoration & Functional Coating Sputtering Target ()(2019/Sep/24 16:14:06)]]> http://www.e-ttmc.com.tw/decorative_target.html?CID=1_1                    

Sputtering process apply not only for optoelectronics, semiconductor but also surface decoration and function coating such as cutter, tooling, anti-corrosion, optical glasses. This coating can increase the product luster, anti-abrasion and lifetime.


  • Decoration: Al, Cr, Ti, Nb, Cu, Zr and alloy metal.
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): Cu, Ni alloy, SUS, Ag.
  • System in Package (SiP): Fe alloy, Co alloy, Ni alloy.
  • Non Conductive Vacuum Metallization (NCVM): In, Sn, Si alloy.


Product Advantages

  • Customization production.
  • Capability to manage the alloy ratio, microstructure, grain Refinement.
  • In-house control for target forming, machining and bonding to ensure product quality.
  • Competitive edge of localized service.
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<![CDATA[Sputtering Targets puttering target for Passive component, optical element and semi-conductive ()(2019/Jul/25 09:43:24)]]> http://www.e-ttmc.com.tw/semi-conduct_target.html?CID=1_1                      

TTMC dedicate on high purity target development and uniformity of alloy which lead to develop Know-how for microelectronic applications

Production of the micro-electronic elements must retain features of large production scale, small physical dimension and small performance variance, since the purity and uniformity of the material are all required for producing the thin film of the final product. In addition, precision ingredient combinations also significantly affect the thin film electronic properties of these products. Based on this concern, apart from developing high purity target, TTMC also aims at the additive arrangement of the alloy element as well as the uniformity of content texture that explores many know-how technologies to support sputtering targets employed in micro-electronics.

TTMC possesses the capacity for developing and manufacturing target made by dual alloy and many other ternary alloys and even higher. Not only precisely controlled hot rolling process that guaranties grain texture less than 30μm after crystallization but also maintaining fully equiaxed grain without direction to ensure better film uniformity in a large scale sputtering process.


  • Resistor/ Terminal electrode layer: Ni-Cr alloy, Cr, Ni, Ta, Cu, W-Si.
  • Customization multielement alloy: Ni-Cr, Ni-V, Ni-Ti.
  • Quartz oscillator: Ag, Ag alloy, Ni, Cr, Au.
  • Rectifier diode: Ni-Cr alloy.



  • Manufacturing for binary or multielement alloy and customization target.
  • Homogeneity of alloy component and grain structure to obtain the deposition film uniformity.
  • Capability of powder metallurgy and prealloying powder which can prevent alloy segregation and keep stable quality
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<![CDATA[Flat Panel Display Rotary Sputtering Target Flat Panel Display Rotary Sputtering Target ()(2019/Jul/29 09:38:42)]]> http://www.e-ttmc.com.tw/Flat-Panel-Display-Rotary-Sputtering-Tar.html?CID=2_2                  


Comparing with planar targets, rotary target can achieve 70~80% utilization ratio, increase the deposition speed, reduce redeposition and arcing.  TTMC produce high purity of Al, Mo, Cu, Ti, Ag, Ni alloy, Si and Nb2Ox rotary targets for display panel, touch panel and low-E glass.

The Al and Mo have been certified for generation 8.5 production line and became the first rotary target manufacturer for large size TFT-LCD industries in Taiwan.


  • Drive electrode: Al (99.999%), Mo, Cu, Ti
  • Diffusion Barriers: Mo
  • Low-E glass: Ag, Ni alloy
  • Anti-reflection: Nb2Ox, Si

Product Advantages

  • Well management of high purity raw material resource and processing, fully in-house and quality control.
  • High market share and stable supply for generation 5.5 to 10.5 TFT-LCD panel.
  • High strength special bonding metal.
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<![CDATA[Nickel Alloy C-Hook for Coil Wire Pickling Nickel Alloy (C-Hook for Coil Wire Pickling) ()(2019/Oct/2 09:21:23)]]> http://www.e-ttmc.com.tw/Nickel-Alloy.html?CID=4_3                    

Nickel alloy contain 50 wt. % of nickel which are endured to extreme temperatures and corrosion-resistant materials. Nickel alloy is well suited for service in aerospace, energy, petrochemical, electronics and photoelectric industries


  • Hastelloy C-276 is a nickel molybdenum chromium superalloy with extreme resistance to corrosion, pitting at high temperatures.
  • Incoloy 825  is a Nickel-Iron-Chromium superalloy. It has excellent resistance to reduce and oxidising acids, stress-corrosion cracking and sulphuric and phosphoric acids.
  • Incoloy 800H has additional percentage of titanium and aluminium which has good creep rupture properties at high temperatures and resistance to carburization, oxidation.


  • Integrated material source and machining process with in-house control to ensure product quality.
  • To supply high temperature and corrosion resistant nickel alloy for high-temperature equipment and meet customized requirements.


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<![CDATA[Sputtering Target Bonding Sputtering target bonding ()(2019/Oct/5 08:33:25)]]> http://www.e-ttmc.com.tw/bonding.html?CID=5_4                    

Unique metallization wetting process for material bonding which is an optimized method for large size sputtering target. We have uniform heating plate, flatness equipment, ultrasonic tester and transportation equipment to meet vary TFT-LCD generations.


  • Target bonding for metal, oxide-based and brittle materials.
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<![CDATA[Precious Metal Business Precious Metal Refining Service ()(2011/Jun/16 15:59:38)]]> http://www.e-ttmc.com.tw/refine.html?CID=8_5 TTMC has a completed precious metal reefing technology that may collect low purity precious metals in various forms by chemical cementation process and extraction by electrolysis and proceeding further in the refining process to increase the purity, offering the value of recollecting and reutilizing. At the moment, we have successfully conducted the refining process for precious metals such as silver, indium, gold, platinum, palladium, etc.


  • High Purity Control
  • High Refining Rate
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<![CDATA[Precious Metal Business Precious Metal Sales ()(2012/Mar/19 12:27:15)]]> http://www.e-ttmc.com.tw/precious_metal.html?CID=8_5 To be introduced in the future

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<![CDATA[Analytical Service Analysis Service ()(2019/Sep/30 15:49:03)]]> http://www.e-ttmc.com.tw/Analysis-Service.html?CID=9_6                    

TTMC has capability for trace element analysis and microstructure observation. 

Contract Test Items and Steps:

1.Field-emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) for surface structure observation.
2.Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) for chemical elemental composition on the surface. 


1.Download application form.
2.Fill in information and test items.
3.Fax or email to us.

Note: The test report refer only to the sample(s) tested. 

Sample Preparation:

1.Samples must be dehydration of soild or powder type.
2.Samples must be thoroughly degreased and dried to eliminate any outgasing from organic contamination and water.


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